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Gobble, Gobble, Help!?

When November 22nd rolls around, if you find yourself struggling with the Thanksgiving meal, never fear! Help is no more than a phone call away. Despite the competition one might think a Google search would pose, these hotlines continue to grow in popularity. As helpful as Siri may be, nothing beats a real-life human voice guiding you through the process of completing the holiday meal for your guests. Remember, while the most popular time for calls is during the holidays, most of these helplines are available year-round to help you avoid those kitchen catastrophes:

The USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline: (888) 674-6854

Butterball Turkey Talk-line: (800) BUTTERBALL

Perdue Chicken Consumer Helpline: (800) 4-PERDUE

Libby’s Pumpkin Information Line: (800) 854-0374

Ocean Spray Holiday Helpline: (800) 662-3263

King Arthur Flour Baking Hotline: (855) 371-BAKE

Fleischmann’s Yeast Baker Hotline: (800) 777-4959

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